Powertec 5 dB Directional N Female Coupler

SKU ACC-BH-00013

Powertec’s Directional Couplers can decrease a particular indoor antenna’s signal strength by 5, 10 & 20dB. Directional Couplers are useful for repeater applications where multiple indoor antennas are used.


  • To compensate for signal loss due to long cables running to one of the indoor antennas.
  • To help distribute less power to one of the indoor antennas. This is usually in an office with one large and one small room where the antenna in the small room does not need as much output power as the antenna in the large room.
  • Govern signal strength supplied to each indoor antenna to ensure an even or desired distribution.
  • Connector Type: N Female
  • Frequency Support: 800-2500 MHz