Aerpro ADM72S 240V Dual USB Slimline Charger

by Aerpro

The ADM72S Wall Charger has been designed to fit in very tight spaces. The compact design features USB ports at the top and bottom of the unit which allows cables to plug in and run parallel with the wall.

The charger has a MAX output of 3.4A which is shared across the two USB ports when charging two devices when only one device is connected the USB port will charge 2.4A max.


  • The slim 17mm depth when plugged in along with the top and bottom USB port locations allow the charger to fit virtually anywhere
  • Two USB devices including smartphones, tablets Bluetooth speakers etc. can be charged at the same time
  • Each USB port will charge at 2.4A max when one device is connected when two devices are connected at the charger will share 3.4A across the ports