Aerpro APP077 ISO Harness for various Honda vehicles

by Aerpro

The primary harness is the harness that plugs into your cars main entertainment system connector and converts it into a double ISO connector system (Universal). After selecting your primary harness you then select a secondary harness to connect between the ISO connectors and the aftermarket head unit that you have ( this is selected based on what brand and type of head unit you have. We carry both non-steering wheel control type primary harnesses and steering wheel control type.

Vehicles known to work with this product:

  • Honda Accord 2008-2012
  • Honda Insight 2010-2013
  • Honda Jazz (Fit) 2008-2013 GE
  • Honda Civic 2012-2015 Sedan
  • Honda CRV 2012-2017 RM
  • Honda Accord Euro 2008-
  • Honda Jazz (Fit) 2014- GF
  • Honda Odyssey 2012-2013
  • Honda Civic 2012-2015 Hatchback
  • Honda Accord 2013-
  • Honda HRV 2014-2016
  • Honda Odyssey 2014-
  • Honda Odyssey 2009-2011 Auto
  • Honda Odyssey 2009-2011 Luxury Auto
  • Honda CRV 2017 RW
  • Honda CR-Z 2010-2016