[OUT OF STOCK] Aerpro FP9813 Kanatechs Professional Install Kit to suit Mazda CX5

by Aerpro
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Mazda CX5 2012-2014
Mazda CX5 2015-2017

This install kit allows you to install a double-DIN aftermarket head unit into your vehicle and retain factory Bose amp and speakers

  • Application: Double DIN
  • Inclusions: Metal Brackets, speaker and power harness, Antenna Adapter, Bose Translator, Detailed Instructions


1. Depending on the vehicle's illumination power supply specifications, the illumination interlocking function may not work depending on the car AV to be installed. In addition, illumination may be lit up.

2. Depending on the car AV, there may be no illumination power supply, but in that case, it will not be connected.

3. If the antenna power terminal on the car AV side is a terminal other than JEITA (flat terminal), use the conversion code for antenna power supply.

4. Be sure to connect. If there is no amp remote (system remote) in-car AV please connect the accessory power supply. If you do not connect, you will not hear any sound.

5. When the amp remote (system remote) on the car AV side is a terminal (flat terminal) other than JEITA, use the conversion code for the antenna/amplifier remote power supply.

6. The wiring colour of steering remote control code differs depending on the installed car AVI.