Alpine LC70-R69P Door Pods & Speakers Kit To Suit Landcruiser 79 Series Dual Cab-R Series Speakers

by Alpine

Alpine LC70-R69P

Door Pods & Speakers Kit To Suit Land Cruiser 79 Series Dual Cab - R Series Speakers

Do you have a Toyota HJ79 Series or HJ76 Landcruiser and want a Speaker upgrade? 

Then this is the kit for you.

Built to enhance your Audio experience on those long road trips or make the daily slog more bearable.

Elevate your factory audio system to an entirely new level with Alpine’s ‘direct-fit’ premium speaker upgrade to suit Toyota 70 Series Landcruiser.

Exclusively designed by Alpine the tweeter housing achieves superior sound quality, as well as optimises staging and imaging. With its striking appearance and premium finishes inclusive of a machine finished metal Alpine emblem and ornate black chrome ring accent enhances your in-cabin aesthetic.

Moreover, the Alpine engineered and manufactured high-quality speaker housings ensures uncompromised sound performance with precise installation to your factory door cards. 

With over 50 years at the forefront of OEM and aftermarket mobile electronics, Alpine Electronics needs no introduction and are renowned for their industry-leading design and innovative technologies.

Alpine has answered the call for a properly sorted solution to the problem of the average OEM Audio system, this solution will give you a full Hi-Res Audio experience and look good doing it. 

Alpine LC70-S69P - Alpine LC70-R69P

Premium Design Tweeter Housing

Premium audio never looked so good. The bold, yet the ornate design of the tweeter housing is made to replace OEM panels on the dash which elevates the interior aesthetic and optimises the tweeter axis for superior sound quality.


Alpine LC70-S69P_ LC70-R69P

Premium Designed Door Pods

These door pods have been meticulously designed to sound brilliant as well as enhance your Landcruiser's cosmetic appeal. Included in the design are a 12v USB Charging socket, puddle lights, drink bottle holder and large pockets.

Speakers are the very popular Alpine R-S69C R-Series 6x9" Component Speakers.


Alpine LC70-R69P

It's all in the detail.

These door pods have integrated speaker grills with an embossed Alpine logo. The door pods have also been designed to recess the speakers giving tradies more room for their bigger work boots.


Alpine LC70-R69P

Rear Doors.

The rear door pods also house timbre-matched Alpine R-S69.2 6x9" Coaxial Speakers. to compliment the front speakers. Like the front doors, these pods feature a 12v USB Charging socket and a drink bottle holder.


Package part numbers LC70 – R69P include:  

  • Box 1: Pod package Front/Rear cards, tweeter pods, 4 Door USB leads/ power distro, and puddle lights
  • Box 2: Type - R-Series 6x9" 2way Component Speakers (R-S69C.2)
  • Box 3: Type - R-Series 6x9" Co-axials (R-S69.2)

IMPORTANT NOTE: While installation instructions and templates are provided, the installation of this product is difficult and should only be carried out by highly experienced personnel