Aerpro APSMSHLD MagMate Pro Magnetic Phone Holder (Suction Mount)

by Aerpro
  • Aerpro MagMate Pro APSMDASH Magnetic Suction Mount offers stability and security, not to mention the convenience it brings to the fold.
  • Allows for a firmer grip of your smartphone, tablet, GPS or other devices as you drive, APSMSHLD is armed with six powerful neodymium magnets that keep your handheld gadget steady at every turn.
  • Plus, it's equipped with a 360-degree adjustable head which can be rotated based on your preferred viewing angle.
  • Not only does this make a perfect travel companion, but also a safe mounting bracket for your mobile device whenever you're at the confines of your home or office; hence, hands-free phone usage at its finest.
  • APSMSHLD is packaged with a magnet head, gel pad suction mount and easy stick large Mate Plate great for DIY aficionados.