Audison APBX8AS2 Prima Line - Active Subwoofer

by Audison


  • Integrated 250 W RMS @ 0.4 Ω D - Class amplifier featuring he - li technology (high efficiency / low impedance) without switching power supply, for a performance next to ideal.
  • Input stage DBT (Dynamic Bass Tracking) technology allows 100% use of the he - li (High Efficiency Low Impedance) amplifier power and to enjoy a tense and dynamic bass even at very high listening volumes. *Butterworth low - pass filter at 12dB/Oct. with variable cutting frequency (50 - 300 Hz), phase control (0 - 180 °) and adjustable bass - boost 0÷6 db @ 45Hz.
  • Defeatable filter to use the sub dedicated output of a bit or AP bit processor.
  • High level audio input on multi - pin connector for maximum OEM integration and low level on RCA for aftermarket sources.
  • ART turn on function (Automatic Remote Turn - On) selectable among: Remote - in, Hi - level, Audio signal.
  • Box with ultra - low profile (6.22 in. / 158 mm) in air suspension, designed to take full advantage of the performance of the 8 - inch APS 8 DL high - impedance driver.
  • The SSP (Sub Smart Plug) terminal block is provided with a Plug & Play connector to be able to disconnect the box easily and safely.
  • The 2S² (2 Sides / 2 Sounds) design provides the ability to select between Down - Firing positioning to increase the low frequency extension and Up - Firing install to obtain more punch and definition.
  • Down - firing levelling feet with Velcro inserts included for a secure grip with the carpet, ensuring extreme ease of removal.
  • Rounded corners allow easy placement in the trunk and act as a reinforcement to reduce enclosure resonances.
  • Exclusive design of the cone, dust - cap and basket geometry to achieve a wide linear excursion (9 mm in one direction), keeping the depth required for assembly to a minimum.
  • HRC AP remote control included.
  • Sturdy metal grille included, for a total protection of the subwoofer driver