Aerpro BSX008 BASSIX 8-gauge Amp Power Kit

by Aerpro
BASSIX wiring kits offer great value for money and are packed full of installation essentials. Although BASSIX is priced at the lower end of the amp kit market, don't be fooled, these kits can handle serious power and include high-quality components to enhance the performance of your amplifier.

The BSX008 will power up to 450W and includes everything you need to power up an amplifier. The kit is ideal for those who want to either upgrade their current power cables or already have RCAs and/or speaker cable. The kit includes; 5.5M 8GA power cable, 0.8M 8GA earth cable, 5M 20GA trigger cable, 80A ANL fuse and fuse holder, cable ties and fitting terminals.

If you are looking for a GREAT VALUE installation kit, BASSIX has you covered.