WAVTECH LINK8 8-channel Line Output Converter with Summing and Wired Remote

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Today’s factory-installed audio systems are becoming more complex. With many of the vehicle's controls and operations integrated into the source unit, replacing it is no longer an option. Some vehicles have amplifiers dedicated to each individual speaker. When you aren’t satisfied with the OEM systems sound, these factors make it increasingly difficult when it comes time to upgrade. That is why you need a link8.

The link8 is about as versatile as an analog integration product can be. The link8 has 8-channels of high-level inputs that can be configured in a number of ways. With just 2-channels of input, the signal can be achieved at all 8-channels of output. With 4-channels of input, you can have front, rear and subwoofer output. If you are dealing with a complicated OEM system, you can sum sets of input channels for the desired effect. These are just a few of the configurations available. What sets this apart from similar products are easy to use top-mounted switches that control combining, direct and summing inputs. It is no longer necessary to take the unit apart and deal with all of the confusing jumpers just to make adjustments.

Another benefit of the link8 is the auxiliary input. This provides access to your phone or other mobile devices through the audio system. The "Patent Pending" Multifunction Remote level/ Source Control can switch between your subwoofers output level, the volume of the auxiliary source or even serve as a Master Volume Control for your entire system. This is especially useful in OEM systems where speed-sensitive volume or equalization is present. You can even program the remote so the sequence and priority of the functions suites your specific system needs.