Blackhawk 1-sector Masthead Aluminium for Lattice Towers

SKU MAS-BH-00024

Blackhawk’s aluminium spigots are designed to attach to the top of any 220 Series lattice tower. Constructed from a 900 mm (0.9 metres) length of 50 x 4 mm round tube and strengthened with 40 x 6 mm flat bar gussets, ensuring incredible strength while retaining a lightweight design. Each module is chemically cleaned and treated by hand, producing a brilliant finish.

Single mount headframes are designed for larger antennas where the use of a stand-off mount would increase the twisting force on the tower. By keeping the antenna mounted to the centre of the tower, torque (rotational force) is minimised. This tends to be most important in point to point microwave transmission systems.


  • Ultra lightweight design
  • Attaches to 220 series lattice modules
  • 900 mm height, 50 x 4 mm round tube
  • 40 x 6 mm aluminium flat bar gussets
  • Low maintenance aluminium construction
  • 1, 2, 3 and 4 sector available