Aerpro MX12 MAXCOR RCA Adaptor (1 Female to 2 Male Connectors)

by Aerpro

MAXCOR RCAs are made from high-quality components to ensure you receive blistering performance from your amplifier. All MAXCOR RCA's are double shielded and twisted pair to minimise the risk of signal interference and also feature gold plated connectors to minimise loss of signal.

The Soft Touch Super Flex (STSF) PVC insulation throughout the MAXCOR range allows cables to easily bend around tight corners with no loss in performance allowing for a neat and professional installation.

The MX12 RCA adaptor converts 1 female connector into 2 male connectors. The adaptor is ideal for use when splitting signal on RCA leads is required.

If you are looking for an RCA adaptor that offers MAXIMUM performance, you can't go past MAXCOR.

  • Double Shielded Twisted Pair
  • Gold Plated Connectors
  • Soft Touch Super Flex Cable
  • 1 Female to 2 Male Connectors
  • 18CM Length