THINKWARE CABCAMIR Full HD IR Cabin Camera to suit THINKWARE X550 & F770 Front Cameras


Record an inside view of your vehicle for peace of mind.

By connecting THINKWARE cabin camera CABCAMIR to its high-performing front dash cams, you'll have holistic front and cabin surveillance to the fullest.

This serves Taxi drivers, Uber drivers, Truck drivers and driver training schools well because of its capability to capture 1080P high-definition, 140° wide-angle view videos of the cabin at 30 frames per second.

CABCAMIR comes with two infrared LED's for crystal-clear night time recording, as well.

Recorded footage may be reviewed through THINKWARE PC or Mobile viewer.


  • Compatible with THINKWARE X550 & F770* front cameras (*prevents cable cover from closing)
  • Designed to record footage of the driver and passenger inside the vehicle cabin
  • Ideal for Taxi drivers, uber drivers, truck drivers and driving school instructors
  • Full HD 1080P produces clear crisp high definition recordings
  • 140° angle captures a wide field of view
  • 2 Infrared LED's built-in for vivid night time video recording
  • Mounts inside the vehicle on the front window with 3M adhesive
  • 0.6m Cable to run between the front and cabin camera which carries power and video signal
  • Korean Made reliability with 2-Year Warranty